The person who completes this course will be able to understand the importance of the role of security in the airfreight environment, by knowing how security threats exist in civil aviation and internationally traded goods. The learner will also understand the role various stakeholders have in ensuring that air cargo is made as secure as possible under all conditions. This will also enable the learner to implement the correct procedures to ensure that all air cargo is made safe for airfreight and to take the appropriate action should air cargo security be breached.

Duration: 5 days
After completing this SACAA accredited course, the qualifying learner will be capable of:

  • Explaining the threat to cargo security in civil aviation
  • Explaining the roles of the state and other security organisations in airfreight,
  • Explaining and applying the cargo security requirements of aircraft operators
  • Explaining the functions of access control and cargo screening
  • Compiling an Air Cargo Security Manual for a Regulated Agent.
  • Implementing security procedures for a regulated agent.
  • Responding to security threats to air cargo.

Prerequisites: Air Cargo 1 or at least 1 year’s air cargo experience is recommended

Duration: 1 day
This SACAA accredited course is designed for air cargo warehouse personnel and cargo drivers and will familiarize them with the latest Air Cargo Security Regulations as contained in ICAO Annex 17 and Part 108 the South African Aviation Act. Specifically after attending this course, they will be able to:

  • Recognise various types of prohibited articles, explosive and incendiary devices and their components, which have been/could be used in unlawful interference of civil aviation;
  • Understand the meaning of the security controls that endeavour to ensure no prohibited articles are introduced into consignments destined to be carried by air;
  • Understand the purpose and requirements for screening cargo or how to carry out an effective hand search;
  • Demonstrate the aspects of physical examination.

Prerequisites: None